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Girl's Classic Shadbelly

Made from our imported italian fabric, our showjackets offer unparalelled fit, styling and performance. Our coats are lightweight, breathable, water repellent and machine washable. The best riders in the world choose Charles Ancona jackets because of these reasons and our incredible customer service.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have never been fitted with us before, please contact us. In order to get sizing correct and/or for special design jackets, we only accept jacket orders by phone.  If you wish to order a jacket, please contact us at (212) 727-3435 M-F, 10a-6p Eastern Time.  Training Jackets, T-Shirts and Accessories are all available through the website.

Girl's Classic Shadbelly

Jacket Color: Black
  • - FAUX CUFF: imitates the look of a long sleeve shirt to make sure you always have the right amount of cuff showing in any situation while allowing you to wear short sleeved shirts underneath to keep you cool during the summer.


    - NUMBER HOLES: designed for competitive riders, our number holes are designed to let you tie the strings holding your exhibitor number on the inside of your jacket. In doing so, you avoid scrunching your jacket and maintain the perfect look. 






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